At MOVE we know that research is the first step in developing any professional project.

Only through solid and reliable research can our clients make informed and appropriate decisions, set clear goals and expect that those goals be reached.

Obtaining such research in today’s world requires renewed techniques, speed and efficiency. MOVE utilizes cutting edge tools for quantitative and qualitative research.

Among its research services, MOVE offers:

Quantitative research

Polls are not mere numbers and percentages of those in favor or against something. Polls provide data that require keen interpretation in order to influence people’s perceptions according to the needs of each client.
In order to cover all crucial areas of quantitative research, MOVE offers:

o In-person polling
o Polling by telephone
o IVR (robotic) polling
o Flash polling
o Exit polls
o Tracking polls (including images)

Qualitative research

We have gathered the most experienced professionals in the field of polling to develop qualitative studies that obtain information on opinions, attitudes, experiences and expectations of citizens.
Our services range from participant recruitment to interpreting results and delivering them in a subsequent report. We also offer:

o Focus groups
o Message tester (video)

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