Whether our objective be to rally support for a specific government action, position a candidate as the best choice in an election, mobilize a group in favor of a cause, or turn a crisis into a solution, we enjoy and excel at handling challenges. Our techniques enable us to manage them successfully.

Thanks to the broad experience shared among our team members we have developed and perfected a series of specialized techniques which enable political parties, candidates, politicians and companies to reach their objectives.

We offer our clients services in:

Electoral campaigns

At MOVE we have gathered the most experienced professionals to design and carry out a campaign from beginning to end, including preliminary research as well as providing a final evaluation in the week following the vote.

Government communication.

Continuous political communication is indispensable to internal democracies. Governments, officials and public institutions must maintain constant communication with citizens.

Crisis management and handling issues of heightened sensitivity.

Quite often companies, governments, campaigns and public institutions face crises in which a timely and appropriate response is crucial in order to preserve or even reinforce a favorable reputation. By responding quickly and intelligently, we are able to transform the crisis into an opportunity.

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